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Alu FlatlinerBETAG Innovation Alu Flatliner

Alu Flatliner

Aluminium is being used more and more in today’s car production. To repair aluminium is not very difficult, the biggest problem normally is the know how. Aluminium is normally more expensive than traditional parts and therefore also more...
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AutomotiveSSAB Highly-specialized global steel company


As pioneers in advanced high-strength steel (AHSS), Docol® is a trusted partner to the automotive industry, delivering products and services that make cars safer and more eco-friendly. Docol® supplies many steel grades according to VDA and OEM...
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DentlinerBETAG Innovation Dentliner


The Dentliner is a unique system that combines two repair techniques: Glue and bridge pulling.
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DigispotBETAG Innovation Digispot


The Digispot welder is the only spot welder on the market allowing a manual as well as an automatic welding. Its adjustable display makes it easy to use . At the push of a button you select between electrode welding, ground welding, carbon stick...
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Flatliner Full SystemBETAG Innovation Flatliner Full System

Flatliner Full System

The Flatliner is probably the most innovative and efficient steel and aluminum sheetmetal repair system available on the market today. It was designed for the repair of small to medium collision damage on car bodies. The repair is done entirely...
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Glue Puller GP2BETAG Innovation Glue Puller GP2

Glue Puller GP2

The glueing repair technique is standard procedure for most modern PDR technicians. It is very practical for areas that cannot be reached with conventional PDR tools. Glue an appropriate knob to the damaged area using our hot melt glue and gun...
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Power KnobsBETAG Innovation Power Knobs

Power Knobs

The Power Knobs are intended for pulling out large surfaces. Thanks to our innovative design which includes an M6 nut moulded into the neck of each Power Knob, you can use different pulling devices on our Power Knobs. They can be easily used on...
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Slimliner ABETAG Innovation Slimliner A

Slimliner A

This is a slimmer, complete working station for sheet metal repair. It contains the necessary tools for repairing small to medium collision damages on steel sheet metal. It has on one side a universal pulling bridge. The Innopuller unit is...
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T-HotboxBETAG Innovation T-Hotbox


The T-Hotbox is a handheld unit aimed at making the use simple. Due to its size it can be easily used. The unit has several settings that can be adjusted depending on its application. For one, the time of its use can be preset, meaning if you...
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TransportationSSAB Highly-specialized global steel company


Whether on land, at sea or in the air, you’ll find SSAB steel in transportation and infrastructure solutions that powerfully impact our world.
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