As pioneers in advanced high-strength steel (AHSS), Docol® is a trusted partner to the automotive industry, delivering products and services that make cars safer and more eco-friendly. Docol® supplies many steel grades according to VDA and OEM standards.

  • Future-proof steel for mobility
    Automotive Life Cycle Assessments drive our future-proofing processes as we decarbonize the production of our advanced high-strength steels for automobiles.

  • The most sustainable solution
    With pure ore and the cleanest steelmaking technology, we produce the most CO2-efficient steel for lightweight solutions. Consistent high quality that optimizes productivity for the automotive industry, allows us to help you make cars lighter, stronger, cleaner and greener.

  • For a mulititude of applications
    Docol® steel grades are being used by OEMs and tier suppliers in millions of vehicles around the world, in a range of components and applications. We partner with our customers throughout the life cycle of their products to develop stronger and lighter steel materials – and total solutions that help drive the industry forward.

  • Dedicated automotive expertise
    We are always close to you and take responsibility throughout the entire process. Our efficient worldwide logistics solutions meet your specific needs, and our dedicated automotive team provides support in any issue.

  • SSAB Introduces Docol® HE – Hot Rolled AHSS with improved Edge Ductility
    Introducing Docol® HE, a new range of hot rolled advanced high strength steel (AHSS) with improved edge ductility for automotive manufacturers facing technical challenges in production.

  • Roll formed and 3D bent tube made from 1700MPa martensitic steel wins the Swedish Steel Prize
    Shape Corp. wins Swedish Steel Prize with their 3D roof rail tube, a new innovation that represents a first in the automotive industry and will result in both cost savings for OEMs and safer cars for the general public.

  • Docol® AHSS products and technical data sheets
    Docol® advanced high-strength steel (AHSS) can be obtained as hot-rolled, cold - rolled, hot-dip galvanized and electro galvanized products. Our product range includes thin sheet steel with a thickness range from 0.4 mm to 16 mm, plus a maximum sheet width of 1,600 mm.

  • Try it for yourself
    Our Trial Material Stock Center is a unique service to the automotive industry. We ship coils, sheets, and custom lengths of any size to anywhere in the world. In 1-2 weeks the material is ready for dispatch.

  • Cost efficient and sustainable life cycle
    The cost advantage is a big part of the value when choosing advanced high-strength steel (AHSS). With AHSS, you can obtain the same weight reduction as with aluminum, but for a much lower price. However, Docol® AHSS is also the most sustainable choice. Our steels are easy to process and the high quality and consistency allow for cost-effective production.

  • Automotive insights
    Want to know more about recent developments and future trends in the automotive industry? Automotive Insights, from Docol®, brings you hand-picked articles, news and more.



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