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Offshore marine energySSAB Highly-specialized global steel company

Offshore marine energy

SSAB have together with our customers succeeded to reduce weight, increase strength and service life and made cranes reach longer for 40 years. SSAB offers significant weight and cost reductions without compromising safety. SSAB have Offshore and...
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PowerMechel Mining and metals company


Mechel’s power segment enables the Group to sell some of the steam coal it produces, profit from supplies of end product to third parties on the free market and supply the Group’s enterprises with electricity. The Group’s power assets are managed...
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SalesMechel Mining and metals company


One of Mechel’s key competitive advantages lies in its own flexible and ramified sales network, as well as a well thought-out sales policy. The policy is based on the aspiration to create long-term and mutually profitable partnerships with our...
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