One of Mechel’s key competitive advantages lies in its own flexible and ramified sales network, as well as a well thought-out sales policy. The policy is based on the aspiration to create long-term and mutually profitable partnerships with our clients. Another advantage is that representatives of the Group’s sales companies work directly with the ultimate consumer and are able to fulfill any order regardless of volume.

Mechel markets its products domestically through the Russian subsidiary of the international service and sales network Mechel Service Global. Mechel Service Global’s subsidiaries and Mechel Carbon handle international sales.


  • Mechel Service Global

    Mechel Service Global B.V. is an international steel trader which specializes in selling rolled products manufactured by Mechel Group’s enterprises and other producers to ultimate customers. The headquarters, based in the Hague, is the operational management focus of the sales network. The company includes subsidiaries in Eastern and Western Europe.

    Mechel Service Global’s strategic aim is to expand markets for Mechel Group’s steel products, ensure a stable load for production facilities and increase the range of service operations with steel products. The company’s chief customers are construction and machine-building enterprises.


  • Mechel Service

    Mechel Service OOO is a successful sales and service company which markets Mechel group's steel products through an extensive network of trading subsidiaries in Russia. Currently, there are 56 Mechel Service warehouse facilities working in 44 Russia’s cities. Mechel Service owns 18 service centers for additional processing of steel rolls.

    Mechel Service markets a wide range of steel products — rebar (including cold-worked one), regular flats, shaped flats, fine steel rolls, Bp-1 wire, steel shapes, hardware, wire rope, stainless longs and flats, welded and shaped pipes, welded mesh.


  • Mechel Carbon AG

    Mechel Carbon AG markets nearly the entire product range of Mechel Group’s mining enterprises – coking coal concentrate, iron ore concentrate, coke and chemical products and steam coal. With Mecheltrans’s help, cargo is delivered either to port or directly to the client. In Belgium, the company owns coal storages with sorting equipment, which sorts coal as per customer orders. Coal is then shipped to local customers as well as the Netherlands, France and Germany.

    Mechel Carbon is the supplier of Mechel’s coal products to the leading companies and importers of Europe, Japan, South Korea and China.


  • Mechel Carbon (Singapore) Pte Ltd

    Mechel Carbon Singapore was established in January 2012 as the marketing arm of Mechel Mining for conducting export sales in the Asia Pacific market.

    Estimated total sales of metallurgical coals (coking coal, PCI and anthracite) and iron ore amount to 9-10 million tonnes annually. China, Japan and South Korea represent the three largest markets for Mechel Mining's products in Asia. Furthermore, secure logistic access to the Russian Far Eastern ports provides Mechel Mining with more competitive export capacity to serve our customers located in Asia.


  • Mechel Materials

    Mechel Materials OOO is Mechel PAO’s subsidiary. Mechel Materials’ headquarters are located in Chelyabinsk, on Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant's grounds.

    Mechel Materials specializes in production and sales of heat-resistant fireclay products, precalcined lime, limestone, concrete mixtures, steel structures with the use of SIN beams and welded beams, as well as processing smelter slag, used as raw material for steel production, with broken slag of various grades as afterproduct.

    Apart from meeting the needs of Mechel’s own facilities, the company also sells a major share of its products to third parties. Mechel Materials’ products have consistent quality characteristics confirmed by certificates of compliance with Russian state standards and other technical reference documentation.


  • Mechel-Energo

    Mechel-Energo OOO is Mechel’s subsidiary comprising the Group’s power assets. Due to the nature of its production operations, Mechel-Energo is definitively placed to ensure uninterrupted, safe and efficient energy supply to all of Mechel Group’s companies, as well as to develop Mechel Group’s power segment in Russia and abroad.

    Apart from managing Southern Urals Power Station AO (Kaltan, Kemerovo Region), and Kuzbass Power Sales Company PAO (Kemerovo) Mechel-Energo OOO has energy generating assets and services heat grids in the following Russian cities:

    • Chelyabinsk
      (Mechel-Energo’s Chelyabinsk Branch),

    • Chebarkul
      (Chelyabinsk Region, Mechel-Energo’s Separate Chebarkul Branch),

    • Vidnoye
      (Moscow Region, Mechel-Energo’s Moscow Regional Branch),

    • Beloretsk
      (Republic of Bashkortostan, Mechel-Energo’s Beloretsk Branch),

    • Kemerovo
      Region’s towns of Mezhdurechensk and Myski (Mechel-Energo’s Kuzbass Branch), Kaltan and Osinniki (subsidiary – Southern Kuzbass Heat and Energy Company ООО),

    • Izhevsk
      (Republic of Udmurtia, Mechel-Energo’s Separate Izhevsk Branch).

Mechel-Energo also offers its services in generation and transport of heat for a part of local populace and other clients of the company located in the responsibility zone of Mechel-Energo OOO’s branches.



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