Power Knobs

Power Knobs

The Power Knobs are intended for pulling out large surfaces. Thanks to our innovative design which includes an M6 nut moulded into the neck of each Power Knob, you can use different pulling devices on our Power Knobs. They can be easily used on aluminium too.


Repair with our Glue Puller GP2

  • Insert an M6 screw into the Power Knob
  • Hook the coupling of our Glue Puller GP2 pulling device onto the head of said screw
  • Pull as much as neccessary

Repair with bridge system

  • Insert M4 bit into Power Knob(s)
  • Run pulling bar through M6 bit(s)
  • Apply pulling bridge, for example our Dentliner or one of our Flatliner bridges

Available sets

  • Power Knob M6 (7525)
  • Power Knob Set Basic (7526)
  • Power Knob Set Bit (7527)
  • Power Knob Full Set without bottle (4000)
  • Power Knob Full Set with bottle (4001)


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