Whether on land, at sea or in the air, you’ll find SSAB steel in transportation and infrastructure solutions that powerfully impact our world.


  • Trailers
    Trailers make the perfect application for Strenx®, where you get more payload without increasing the total weight of the trailer.

  • Truck body builders
    Whatever you are building, Strenx® can make your products lighter, stronger and more sustainable.

  • Tipper bodies
    Tipper bodies face exposure to severe wear and impact during their lifecycle. By using Hardox® you can substantially lower the lifecycle cost.

  • Containers
    Containers benefit from using high-strength steel, especially when combined with the weathering steel properties that increase the corrosion resistance when the steel is exposed to the air.

  • Trucks
    With vehicles facing increasing demands on both fuel efficiency crash performance, the use of high-strength steel satisfies these often competing requirements.

  • Buses
    With more traffic on the roads and higher speeds, buses are one of the safest methods of transportation. Using high-strength steels in the safety zones makes driving and traveling on the road even safer.

  • Railway transport
    Railway transport is the most energy-efficient way to move goods or people on the ground. Still, there is room for improvement using high-strength steels to ensure better safety, efficiency and a higher payload.

  • Components
    A wide variety of components perform better when produced with high-strength steel in heavy transport.

  • Lighter, more fuel-efficient vehicles
    It's easy to optimize transport: Maximize your load at a minimum cost.

  • Road transportation safety
    High-strength steels are contributing to the drive for safety.

  • Marketing support – Our brands, your success

  • The environmental benefits of high-strength steel

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