Workshop solutions

Workshop solutions

To utilize the full potential of our steels, SSAB has together with technical partners developed workshop tools and other products that make it easy to use high-strength steel. All products are made to match our different steels.

  • Knowledge

    In SSAB we have substantial knowledge in working with high-strength steel. By offering the whole solution we can give even better customer support by putting our knowledge to best possible use.

  • Productivity

    High productivity and good quality is essential to being profitable when using high-strength steel. Having easy access to tools and consumables that are matched to our steels is bound to increase productivity.
  • Development

    To utilize the full potential of Hardox® wear plate, the development of new machine tools needs to match the development of harder and more specialized steel. By partnering with producers of high-quality tools, we can support such development.

  • Welding consumables

    Are you aiming for superior quality and productivity with minimum risk of hydrogen cracks when welding Hardox® wear plate? Then you should try SSAB’s new Welding consumables for Hardox® wear plate. A range of welding products made to match the excellent performance of Hardox® wear plate.

  • Machine tools

    Hardox® wear plate is known for its good workshop properties. Still, it’s a very hard and tough material, which naturally is the reason it has become the world’s leading wear resistant material. Our machining experts have carefully tested the performance of the machine tools and inserts for Hardox® wear plate in stationary and radial drill machines. Using these products is a great way to avoid premature wear or tool breakage.



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