Construction and building

Construction and building

From architects to contractors, from regulators to customers, people are demanding buildings that are well designed, cost efficient and environmentally sustainable. On land or at sea, you’ll find SSAB’s steel products creating value across a wide spectrum of building and construction related sectors.
Our GreenCoat family provides durable, colorful, sustainable steel coatings for both interior and exterior use, while SSAB Domex® and Strenx® hollow sections enable lighter frames with significant cost savings.


  • Roofing
    GreenCoat roofing products are Nordic-quality, color-coated steels for harsh weather and greener living. Unique properties and environmentally friendly.

  • Facades
    SSAB GreenCoat steel products for facades are a range of Nordic-quality, color-coated steel for harsh weather conditions and green living.

  • Rainwater system
    GreenCoat products for rainwater and roof drainage systems are Nordic-quality, color-coated steels for harsh weather and greener living.

  • Indoor applications
    GreenCoat steel coatings for indoor applications are Nordic-quality, color-coated steels. Attractive, prepainted and ready to use, they help cut costs.

  • Lighter and more cost-efficient steel trusses with hybrid design
    With SSAB’s hollow sections, you can design light and cost-efficient trusses using a hybrid design.

  • High-resistance columns from SSAB’s hollow sections
    Get higher resistance columns with Domex Tube Double Grade and other high-strength hollow sections from SSAB.

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