Meet Mercedes DIGITAL #5

Meet Mercedes DIGITAL #5

Episode five of the Meet Mercedes DIGITAL news format gets to the bottom of the preconceptions about plug-in-hybrid technology. Torsten Eder, Chief Engineer Mercedes-Benz Drivetrains, and Christina Currle-Hamel, Head of Mercedes-Benz Product Management Compact Cars, discuss the most common reservations regarding plug-in hybrids, and examine whether there’s really anything to them. Experts put them to the test in everyday traffic with the latest EQ Power models from Mercedes-Benz. “Meet Mercedes DIGITAL #5: Myth-busting with plug-in hybrids” will be broadcast on 13 July 2020 at 2.00 pm (CEST) in a media special on the Mercedes me media platform at and will then be available via video‑on‑demand.

The EQ Power models from Mercedes-Benz are parallel hybrids that can also be charged from external electricity networks (plug-in). Their powertrains consist of an electric drive and an internal combustion engine working in tandem and able to power the vehicle either individually or together. This means they offer drivers the best of both worlds: In the city, they run on electricity and thus with zero local emissions; over long distances, they benefit from the range of the internal combustion engine.

As a consequence, they are one of the most important levers for lowering harmful CO2 emissions in the short term. Nevertheless, one or two stubborn myths persist about this driveline technology. Many critics complain that the consumption figure of 1.4 litres per 100 kilometres for an EQ Power model is unrealistic. Others insist that when the battery runs out the additional weight of the electric motor and battery make the fuel consumption worse than that of a conventional vehicle. The road tests in this episode demonstrate whether these preconceptions prove accurate in practice.

The Meet Mercedes DIGITAL series, which launched in May, is an innovative news format on Mercedes me media. With regular episodes in the style of a news bulletin, it presents current topics, goes in-depth and provides expert analysis. The moderated shows encompass studio discussions and reports from production facilities or test tracks. Each topic is accompanied by in-depth information in the form of videos, graphics, press texts and images for download.

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