E.ON files planned acquisition of innogy with EU Commission

E.ON files planned acquisition of innogy with EU Commission

E.ON, the Essen-based energy company, has reached another milestone on the road to integrating innogy by submitting its application to the EU Commission. “With the filing of the transaction in Brussels, we have taken an important step towards our goal of implementing the transaction agreed with RWE to acquire innogy from mid-2019. We are also well on track to prepare the planned integration of innogy and are making good progress,” said Johannes Teyssen, CEO of E.ON SE.

Teyssen: “With the integration of innogy, we want to further develop the new E.ON into a clearly focused operator of European energy networks and provider of modern customer solutions. And we want to develop innovations even more powerfully than before to improve the lives of our customers and drive the energy revolution in Europe.”

The filing was preceded by an extensive preliminary process. In this phase, E.ON had already submitted comprehensive information and data on the transaction to the EU Commission. The EU Commission will now examine possible effects of the transaction on competition in Europe in the course of the formal proceedings.

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February 06, 2019

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