"Seal" of Approval: 3M Unveils Carton Sealing Innovations at PackExpo International

Fast and efficient carton sealing demands high speed packaging equipment and reliable box sealing tape. 3M is announcing high-quality additions to both categories, each designed to improve end-of-line carton sealing operations for any size organization.

3M-Matic™ Random Case Sealer 7000r High Speed Pro/7000r3 High Speed Pro, an ideal solution for top and bottom sealing of random-sized cases; and Scotch® High Tack Box Sealing Tape 371+, an industrial grade packing tape for recycled fiberboard and other medium weight box materials, will be unveiled October 14 – 17 at PackExpo International. Visit 3M’s booth, N-5332, in the Upper North Building, McCormick Place, Chicago.

The 7000r/7000r3 High Speed Pro gives manufacturers and distributors from every industry the packaging flexibility, speed and durability to stay one step ahead of the competition. Automatically adjusting to both case height and width, it can handle up to 28 different size cases per minute.

Other innovative features of the 3M-Matic™ Random Case Sealer 7000r High Speed Pro/7000r3 High Speed Pro include:

  • PLC control based for optimum performance and flexibility to connect up and downstream operations
  • Long life column linear bearings and guides for precision upper assembly movement
  • Outer column machine status indicator lights to maximize operator productivity
  • 3M™ AccuGlide™ 4 2” and 3” Taping Heads, to ensure reliable application of tape without box damage

“A production line is no place for bottlenecks, and our new 7000r/7000r3 High Speed Pro case sealer enables consistent tape application at high speeds – even if the size and shape vary with every box,” said Chad Klostermann, US Marketing Manager – Packaging | Equipment, 3M. “Its safety features and improved processes can help increase plant safety, reduce labor costs and decrease downtime.”

For more information, visit www.3M.com/packaging.

Scotch® High Tack Box Sealing Tape 371+ adheres to a wide range of materials, even corrugated boxes with 100% recycled content. The polypropylene film backing is easy to unwind and resists abrasion, moisture and scuffing; plus, it easily conforms around edges and on rough surfaces for a tight seal.

Other innovative features of the Scotch® High Tack Box Sealing Tape 371+ include:

  • Tamper-evident, clear tape can be custom printed to promote your brand; and
  • Once applied, performs well at temperatures as low as 30° F (-1.1°C)
  • Quick, easy application by hand, manual dispensers or 3M-Matic™ Case Sealers
  • Availability in 48mm and 72mm widths

“For unmatched adhesion to seal even the toughest boxes, the 371+ ensures they’ll stay closed throughout the supply chain – no matter the percentage of recycled content, and even in cold temperatures,” said Ryan Bjorklund, US Marketing Manager – Packaging | Box Sealing Tape, 3M. “It’s an ideal sealing tape option for food and beverage, electronics and e-fulfillment industries.”

For more information, visit www.3M.com/IATD.

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October 15, 2018

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