Esprit’s e-shop is going green

Esprit’s e-shop is going green

When working towards greater sustainability, smarter packaging and responsible transportation are important areas to consider. As Esprit’s e-shop is a crucial part of our business, we aim to minimize the impact of our shipments. We have set an ambitious target: 90% of our European e-commerce shipments are carbon-neutral or shipped via reduced emissions programs by the end of the year. To achieve this goal, we focus on developing more sustainable shipping programs with our carriers.

Michael Müller, E-Com Operations Manager Logistics at Esprit, says: „In Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Denmark and Finland our carriers invest in climate programs to compensate produced CO2 emissions. We are proud that we will reach our goal of 90% soon to better protect our environment and generate a sustainable customer experience.”

Besides that, all of the boxes and envelopes that Esprit uses are made of recycled cardboard or paper. Whenever possible, we try to use envelopes, which are smaller and compactable, as well as easier for our customers to carry.

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October 11, 2018

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