Japanese Yen and Thai Baht Crosses Added to Thomson Reuters Matching

Japanese Yen and Thai Baht Crosses Added to Thomson Reuters Matching

Thomson Reuters announced the launch of real-time electronic trading of spot Japanese Yen and Thai Baht cross currency pairs on Thomson Reuters Matching platform.

Cross-currency trading in JPY/THB and THB/JPY will be provided on Thomson Reuters electronic central limit order book platform to clients in Japan, Thailand and globally. By enabling direct trading between the currencies, these new pairs will bring a new level of efficiency, liquidity and transparency to participants in the FX market.

Recently Japan’s Ministry of Finance (MOF) and Bank of Thailand (BOT) reached a mutual agreement on initiatives to promote the use of local currencies for trade and investment settlement, which includes, among others, promotion of the direct exchange rate quotation and interbank trading between the Japanese Yen and the Thai Baht. This collaboration marks a key milestone in strengthening bilateral financial cooperation between Japan and Thailand.

Mrs. Chantavarn Sucharitakul, Assistant Governor, Corporate Strategy and Relations Group​ at the Bank of Thailand said, “The launch of JPY/THB on Thomson Reuters Matching marks another key milestone in the financial cooperation between Thailand and Japan to promote the use of local currencies. By enabling commercial banks to trade the JPY/THB currency pair directly on the Thomson Reuters Matching platform, these banks will have more flexibility to manage their local currency liquidity without converting through other major currencies. This will result in lower transaction costs for these banks and their clients. The Bank of Thailand believes that this initiative is a significant step in promoting the use of local currencies of the region.”

Jonathan Woodward, Head of Transactions Sales – Asia Pacific at Thomson Reuters said, “Thomson Reuters has had a presence in Japan and Thailand for decades, working closely with the financial industry and the banking community as the leading international financial information provider to operate in these countries. Adding these currency pairs to the Thomson Reuters market standard Matching capabilities will provide a new level of efficiency, liquidity and transparency to the interbank market which will create benefits for all secondary market participants.”

With over 1,100 subscriber organizations, Thomson Reuters Matching is the leading anonymous electronic trade matching system for the professional community, offering unbiased access to real time executable prices on more than 80 currency pairs.

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August 29, 2018

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