A Card Full of Benefits - An Interesting Investment Opportunity

A Card Full of Benefits - An Interesting Investment Opportunity

We are preparing the concept of an international "card", which will offer many interesting benefits for its users. The whole concept will focus on several important fields of industry and services (for example, tourism, gastronomy and hospitality, food, sports and leisure and others, healthcare, auto-moto and other fields). 

The concept will offer a combination of current products, which will complement other new and interesting services and products. Meeting the needs of ordinary people and connecting them with  the offer of partner companies. If you have free funds and would like to evaluate them in an interesting way in a short period of time, you can take advantage of this interesting opportunity and help with the faster expansion of the concept already mentioned.

You can choose from two forms of investment - loan or sale of a stake in a start-up.

The company plans to offer the concept in many countries almost all over the world. The main clients will be ordinary individuals - end customers. Within 5 years, the company would like to acquire at least 5 million clients. The whole concept therefore has great market potential.


What We Want to Finance

This is an interesting concept suitable for almost everyone. The aim is to offer the product to several countries around the world and to help meet the needs of drivers and, of course, individual countries around the world ...

Our intention is to finance in particular:

  • Development of concept
    • research, development and further development of the whole concept

  • Preparation startup concept
    • technically and commercially

  • Strong marketing and promotion
    • thereby reaching as many customers as possible from different regions of the world

  • Building a network of business partners as soon as possible
    • in individual world regions

  • Expected implementation - as soon as possible
    • we would like to complete the entire transaction as soon as possible



Investment range

You can choose different amounts of your investment. It depends on your options ...

  • loan for a period of 3, 4 or 5 years
    • according to the success (speed) of starting activities
    • the minimum value of the investment is 2,000 EUR 


  • sale of a stake in a newly emerging company
    • the amount of the share and the price per share according to the agreement
    • the minimum value of the investment is 40,000 EUR



We would like to put together the following funds:

  • approx. 1 mil. EUR
    ◦ research, development, concept launch and subsequent offer in different countries

We offer partners the following evaluations:

  • guaranteed yield of 4-8% per year
    • appreciation that will be paid to you

  • possible bonus - up to 10%
    • the bonus can be paid out in case of a very successful project
    • we would like to appreciate those who helped with the faster start-up of the project


Level of risk

Minimal risk

  • due to the uniqueness and need of the product



Provider contact:
Petr Hamrozi
E-mail: petr.hamroz@profibusiness.world
Www: www.profibusiness.world

Social networks ProfiBusiness.eu


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