Create your ID.3: Volkswagen invites designers to take part in competition on Instagram

Create your ID.3: Volkswagen invites designers to take part in competition on Instagram

What might an electric vehicle such as Volkswagen’s new ID.3 look like in 30 years time? Will holograms replace controls inside the vehicle? Will the vehicle be driving around autonomously and how would the vehicle exterior have to be adapted to these demands? Head of Volkswagen Group Design, Klaus Bischoff, will be launching a competition at Instagram @volkswagen_de. The task at hand: designing the ID.3 for 2050.

The competition reaches out to all professional and up-and-coming automotive designers: “An impressive design community has developed on social media over the past few years. We aim to initiate a dialogue with this talented scene thanks to our competition,” Volkswagen Group’s Head of Design explains.

Automotive design is largely done behind closed doors. Designers of new models have to think up to twelve years ahead and projects are strictly confidential. This makes it hard for up-and-coming designers outside the responsible company to directly engage with brands and showcase their designs to obtain qualified feedback from decision-makers.

Klaus Bischoff wants to take a fresh approach: “We want to open up to the discourse and provide a platform to all interested designers. The competition is a great opportunity for everyone aiming to make a mark for themselves.” Over the next four weeks designers are invited to upload their designs on their own Instagram profile and tag images with the #VolkswagenDesign2050 hashtag. The hashtag will automatically enter their suggestions into the competition.

Klaus Bischoff will personally shortlist three of his favourite design entries published on Instagram to invite their creators to Wolfsburg. The winning design will be 3D-printed for the winner on a scale of 1:4.

World Design Day was initiated in 1995 on the 50th anniversary of the International Council of Design (ico-D). The independent non-profit organisation represents designers around the globe and defines relevant professional standards. ico-D also considers design to be an important tool for social change. World Design Day intends to encourage designers worldwide to seek new, innovative solutions for humans and the environment with their designs.

For more information about the design competition see this website.


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