Top Vision at All Times: Opel Astra with IntelliLux LED® Matrix Light

Top Vision at All Times: Opel Astra with IntelliLux LED® Matrix Light

Excellent light not only increases safety, but also makes driving more enjoyable. The new Opel Astra offers adaptive IntelliLux LED® matrix light that turns night into day.

The Astra played a pioneering role in the introduction of matrix light in 2015. The state-of-the-art system provides optimum nighttime vision without dazzling other road users. Opel has continuously developed IntelliLux LED® matrix light and launched it in additional models. The Insignia now features the latest generation and the new Corsa brings IntelliLux LED® matrix light for the first time to the small car segment – true to the brand’s reputation for democratizing innovations and increasing safety for everyone.

“With adaptive IntelliLux LED® matrix light, we have developed a pioneering light technology that we are successively introducing in all vehicle classes”, said Ingolf Scheider, Manager Light Technology. “We want our customers to have the optimum light and vision at all times, without having to switch individual functions on or off all the time, and without dazzling approaching traffic. Matrix light makes driving more pleasant and increases safety for all road users.”

IntelliLux LED® light turns night into day

The headlamps of the Astra have 16 LED elements (eight on each side), which automatically adapt to the prevailing traffic situation and simply "cut out" oncoming cars and those driving ahead.

As soon as the Astra leaves urban areas, the matrix headlamps automatically switch to high beam mode and continuously adjust the length and distribution of the light cone. Other road users are not dazzled, while the rest of the road and its surroundings remain brightly illuminated. The LED segments switch back on automatically as soon as the system detects no lights from other vehicles.

IntelliLux LED® not only ensures optimum light and vision in all conditions, but also offers another useful safety benefit. In addition to the absence of glare for other road users, Opel drivers can also see objects at the roadside much earlier than before. This gives them more time to react accordingly – for instance, when animals suddenly cross the road.

Experts and customers agree: Opel light systems are top

Media experts were rapidly convinced. At the launch of the Astra’s light system in 2015, the AUTOBEST jury of motoring journalists concluded: “Opel’s matrix light revolutionizes automobile lighting. After comprehensive tests, the jury was greatly impressed by the system, which can be described in one word – magic!”

Customers share the same opinion. IntelliLux LED® matrix light is a popular safety and comfort feature. The adaptive light not only improves the driver’s vision in darkness or poor weather, it also makes the drive more relaxing. Around 26 per cent of Astra buyers throughout Europe equip their hatchback or Sports Tourer with the system.

Optimum light for everyone: IntelliLux from small to flagship segments

Astra customers are not the only ones to benefit from Opel’s leading light technology. With the new Corsa, the German brand brings glare-free, full LED light to the popular small-car segment. With IntelliLux LED® matrix light, Opel stays true to its principles and once again democratizes advanced technologies that are otherwise only available in high priced cars.

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